Safeguard Facebook account & never lose it

Facebook, it’s not just a website but now with millions and millions people it has become a virtual world. It’s place where we connect with our friends and family members and share our small and big moments with them. Facebook has become so important that few companies have even started reviewing Facebook profiles before hiring any employee. With such a large pile of personal information, memories and contacts stored in one single account, how would you feel if you lose your Facebook account tomorrow ? And you cannot even imagine what any one can do after accessing your Facebook account.

Understanding importance of Facebook account for a typical web user, in this article I will talk about preparing for worst the case scenario so that even if someone ‘hacks’ your Facebook account tomorrow, you will never lose that cute smile on your face 🙂
Unlike other security tips, in this article I will not talk about precautions for not getting Facebook account hacked instead I will talk about methods to recover hacked Facebook account in future with chances of recovery 100%!

So here we go,
Shift to Gmail and make sure your Gmail account is your primary Facebook login email address

If you believe Larry Page and Sergey Brin paid me to say that, I wish they had paid. In my opinion, you should use Gmail account for your Facebook login email address because once you lose Facebook account you can recover it by sending forgot password link to your email address to recover Facebook account. But that happens with any other normal email service provider too then why specifically Gmail ? Answer is simple – because you cannot lose Gmail account ever in future, if you read my article about Never lose Gmail account.

But shifting to a nice email provider was basic step, in most of the cases you will find that the person who ‘hacked’ your account has already changed email address of your Facebook account and hence you cannot simply recover Facebook account by sending forgot-password-reset-link(that went too big) to your email inbox. But no worries, keep on reading and by the time you reach end of this article, you would have learnt enough to make Facebook account foolproof.

Always remember your current password, no matter what

You should NEVER EVER forget your current Facebook account password, no matter if meteor strikes the earth or aliens abduct your friend(say them hello from my side!) but you shouldn’t forget your Facebook password. In addition to that, you can also maintain a ‘record’ of current and previous Facebook passwords by writing them on some piece of paper and keeping it safe. Now here it’s use – If your Facebook account is compromised by someone and the hacker has changed email address too even then you can recover Facebook account successfully if you remember your current or old password. Just visit and enter your details along with previous password and you will get password reset link on email address you want.

There is yet an another way too to ensure that you never lose Facebook account in future.

Trust the ‘Trusted Contacts’

If you still do not know then let me tell you, Facebook had introduced a new feature called Trusted Contacts sometime ago. You can read my article about How Trusted Contacts can help recovering Facebook account to get more clear idea about Trusted Contacts. Trusted Contacts are people whom you trust most and these people can help you recover Facebook account in can you are unable to access it.
To setup Trusted Contacts, just visit Security Settings and choose your trusted contacts. You can choose minimum 3 and maximum 5 friends for Trusted Contacts list.

To use trusted contacts you just need to click on I forgot my password link and you will get option to recover your Facebook account with the help of your trusted friends. Facebook will send a security code to these different friend you chose and you need to call up these trusted people and get those 3 to 5 security codes(depending on number of people in Trusted Contacts) from your friends and enter on Facebook. Once you enter different codes which Facebook sent to your Trusted Friends then you will be able to recover access to your Facebook account.

That’s it, if you follow my above suggestions properly then there are quite low chances for you to lose your Facebook account because now you are prepared for the worst case scenario and can get your Facebook account back even if its hacked(with smile still on your face).

I kept no stone unturned to provide you best ways to safeguard Facebook account. In case I missed something or you have some kool ideas, do share with us in comment section below. Share this article with friends(and the aliens who adduct them) and family members you care.

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